Fitness for Furbabies 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge


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Start date: Saturday, February 1st
End date: Saturday, March 14th
Who can participate: Everyone!
Cost per person: $40

What you need to do to get started:
1. After payment is made, ask to join our closed group on Facebook “Fitness for Furbabies Weightloss Challenge Group for participants”
3. Every Saturday, before 9PM, send a picture of you, (only your feet need to be in the photo), on a scale. You can send it via messenger or text it to our trainer, Kristen. Her number will be available in the Facebook group.

*You will get one free pass to send your weigh in late. After that you will be removed from the challenge.

4. Kristen will post the current weekly standings Sunday afternoon.
5. Whomever has the most percentage of body weight lost by the end of the 6 weeks is the winner.

*Please note we will calculate % of body weight loss, not pounds. This is for 2 reasons: 1. To keep participant’s personal info private and 2. To keep the challenge equal for individuals of all sizes.

*This is a fun challenge that hopefully will motivate everyone on their weight loss living journeys. Please feel free to use the closed group to share your favorite healthy recipes, favorite workouts, and encourage each other!

Good luck, have fun and please share with all of your friends!!

1st place winner will win half the pot and the other half will go to Missouri K9 Friends to help dogs in need.
2nd place winner will receive $40 🙂


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