Your monthly donation helps us care for the rescues in our care.

  • $10.00 covers one monthly heartworm prevention
  • $15.00 covers one rabies vaccination
  • $45 covers one month of food for a rescue
  • $125 covers the cost of one spay/neuter

Click here to make a one time donation via Paypal

Missouri K9 Friends Credit Card Donation


Click here to send needed supplies using our Amazon Charity List

Donations from our wish list can be sent to 1324 Clarkson Clayton Center, #269, Ellisville, MO 63011. Items on our wish list may be found at a lower cost using, a free tool that compares prices among various retailers

Prefer to write a check? Check can be mailed to Missouri K9 Friends, 1324 Clarkson Clayton Center, #269, Ellisville, MO 63011


Missouri K9 Friends relies on the generosity of supporters such as yourself to help rescue dogs in need and is grateful for your support.

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